Why It Is Popular

Why It Is Popular

When you play dominoes, you would wonder when the game ends. It is when one player has played all his tiles and opponents haven’t been able to finish off their tiles. There other ways to settle this a person who has scored well above the set points is also considered the winner in one of the variation of dominoes that is played. There are other ways for other categories of dominoes played all over the world. Playing online dominoes is fun with dominoqq online.

When you play the first bone it is called by the following names

  • Setting
  • Leading
  • Drowning
  • Posing
  • Smacking down

The bones are shuffled after each hand and then the players draw a certain number of bones from the shuffled pile usually a total of seven are drawn. The play is started clockwise, the players have place their tile which is a match of one of the open ends of the layouts made. Some versions of the dominoes games the sum total on the tile have to add up to the given number. The tiles in the boneyard are said to be sleeping. When a player has no matches to make he/she inadvertently has to pick up from the bone yard and the tiles that he/she picks up till finding a match add to the hands he/she has. Have the opportunity to play online dominoes with dominoqq online.

A player has an opportunity to pass his/her chance by saying pass or goo or just by tapping twice on the table. The person who finishes all his tiles can shout domino or I win to certify that he is done. This can happen when all players are blocked and there are no more legal moves to make, this situation is either referred to as

  • Lockdown
  • Sewed up

Other times a person with the lowest pip count will be declared the winner, when there is bogus play which can occur in in two situations such as

  • Out of turn play
  • Knocks twice when he has a chance to play

For this to happen someone who is playing has to call it a bogus play, otherwise they can continue to play and if they are caught doing, the person calling it will get 50 points.

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