Video Avatars Use Advanced Animation Technologies for Virality

Now camera mobiles with video capabilities are all in mainstream. Social websites like MySpace and face book include virility dimension to any private videos and pictures using a minimal part of creativity and attention.

Along with this popularity of multimedia, it’s currently possible to turn a photograph into a fully animated movie avatar. The image of a portrait includes a whole lot of clues regarding the 3d shape of their face. New tech reconstructed in 3 measurements human faces from images. The renovation is sculpted at a 3d mesh and also this photo’s feel is superposed for it. Then proprietary cartoon methods turn the 3d version in an abysmal thing.

The final phase in the creation of movie avatars is animating the 3d model using a sound bite from precisely the exact same individual of this picture or by a star. Advanced applications lip syncs the avatar to confer cartoon. The results are shocking: a static two-dimensional picture becomes a life-like movie cartoon with any voice.

Watching the animation with the result of the complex video avatars are almost always surprising. A couple of sites accept users’ picture uploads to flip them into short videos.

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