The Muslim Community in the UK

In the United Kingdom, Islam is statistically known to be the second largest religion where the majority of the Muslim community in the UK reside in England. The current population for Muslims has totaled up to 2,660,116 people, bringing up to roughly 5% of the overall population of Muslims in the UK, making London as the country with the largest population of muslims. Muslims living in the UK does not have the same perception as everyone as each Muslims live their lives differently, but the majority of them still practice their faith on a day to day basis.

Today, Muslims living in Britain can easily find other women donning headscarves, also known as a Hijab within airports and shopping centers, making it a comfortable space for Muslims to feel normal and accepted. The problem that comes with Muslims living in a foreign country is often the condescending remarks due to religion. Racism and criticizing opinions on religious beliefs are unavoidable due to the lack of open-mindedness when shared with major countries that are more focused towards technology and science. Even so, the Muslim Community residing in the UK is not a fragile group that could easily give up their beliefs.

In Britain, there are business chains dedicated to serving halal offerings to the Muslim community, such as groceries, restaurants, clothing, and even supply stores. Women still proudly wrap their scarves around their heads despite ignorant comments given. The Muslim community for women in search of modest clothing that fulfills their religious requirements are abundant. UK Hijab store online is also a very convenient and popular choice for Muslim women as well Beautiful Islamic Gifts For Her.

While the UK may sound like an unpleasant place for Muslims to live, looking into the crooks and corners of certain areas like Britain, you’ll be able to find a Muslim Community that will be able to call home together.