The Important Job of Key Smithing

Key smiths is a faction of work under blacksmithing as both jobs require working, creating, and shaping pieces of metal. There is no doubt that blacksmithing was a very important job back in the medieval ages where swords were continuously needed to be made and new battle equipment must be ready to be utilized against countless of wars. But not only do they fabricated metal for weapons, blacksmiths were also essential in creating new furniture and other household items.

Having the ability to understand the qualities and impact of certain metals before molding them takes a great skill in observation whether or not some metals are made to last for a lifetime. And those that do, often get a higher price and sold to the noblest men and women. Not only do they create metal water jugs or eating utensils, they were also crucial when working with horse dealers in order to create horseshoes of different sizes.

Just like blacksmiths, key smiths take on the lighter job of creating a new set of keys, studying lock mechanisms, and duplicating keys with absolute precision with time. Not only does this require patience and a pair of sturdy hands, key smiths also require knowledge when it comes to those who need assistance in opening their locks just in case they lose their keys.

Many popular key smiths who have contributed to the age of different locks and keys such as Joseph Bramah, the creator of the Bramah lock and the first to commercialize it as a product of security, has made challenges for people in an attempt to break open his lock for a reward of 200 Guineas.

Who knows, if you’re considering a job as a key smith, you’ll have one of the most important, and possibly a handy job in helping those around you who forgot their keys and giving them access to their own homes.