Why Singaporean Models are so Underappreciated

We might not be aware of it, but being a model requires the ability to be creative in understanding what the photographer or designer wants you to portray their scenes or fashion designs. Certain photographers would require models to temporary have a different persona to match with the mood of the scene, and designers may need the fashion models to be able to pose in par with the energy so that they will fully present their designs the way the designers wanted to when they first created their piece. Whether they are freelance models or models from a Singapore modelling agency, they don’t really receive as much credit as they truly deserve.

In the modelling world, female models, in particular, are often subjected to negativity where both sides of criticism are constantly conflicting with each other, especially when it comes to their weight and unrealistic beauty expectations. However, we can see the slight difference in personality when comparing freelance models in Singapore to the models signed with the modelling agency Singapore. Freelance models have more freedom and control towards their career and not bound by the strict rules set by the modelling agencies.

However, we have to give credit to the beautiful Singapore models for their efforts in bringing pieces of work come to life. Models work very hard to keep the standards of being one of the prettiest female models in Singapore. Without previous Singaporean models such as Bonny Hicks, we wouldn’t be seeing a lot of beautiful Singapore models helping these modelling agencies grow in the country. The same goes for freelance models Singapore as well as these models are always the most sought after especially for clients looking for Singapore Models for Events that are not as high-profile such as roadshows and opening ceremony events.

So before you discriminate a model, remember that most of what influences the trend of what you wear and how you view things are often contributed by the model’s creativity and work.