Know The Different Pets Available In MuOrigin Global

If you belong to the group of people that are playing MuOrigin Global, you should know the different factors in order to win every battle and the game. First of all, choosing the right character is one of the most important things that you need to consider when playing the game. Remember that you will only be given 4 different characters that you could choose from and each of these characters has different skills, abilities and special attacks. Moving on, choosing the right pet or companion to help you in the battle is also important if you want to win the game.

In MuOrigin Global, there are 24 pets available that you could choose from, and just like the characters, these pets have their own abilities, skills and special attacks. Listed below are some of the 24 pets in the game along with their skills and abilities:

  •         Imp – capable of giving 35-50 damage points and has an extra 10% damage points
  •         Guardian Angel – its Max HP is 250 and can absorb 10% of the attacks
  •         Demon – compared to the imp pet, this pet can give 70 to 100 damage points and has 20% extra damage
  •         Guardian Spirit –  has a 500 Max HP, and can absorb 20%
  •         Roch – this pet is capable of giving 140 to 160 damage points. Not just that, but it is also capable of giving 25% of extra damage.
  •         Fairy – has an amazing Max HP of 1000 and 35% HP

If you want to know more about these pets and what other pets this game can offer, then you should try and visit the MuOrigin Global site. And if you are ready to choose your character and your pet, start the game and join the battle now!