How to Get Much Better Value Than Timeshare Vacation Packages

A couple of times a year, you get a longing to break free from it all, and do something interesting and exciting that everyone in the family will love. Why don’t you take a holiday in a romantic, exotic location? Sounds great, but the children would really like Disney World much better! You have saved up some money and are likely to afford two or three nights at a mid-priced motel. However, wait-the magazine you read a couple of days ago said something about timeshare vacation packages. The price was less than a resort, and it included 5 nights! Frantically, you embark on a hunt for the magazine that’s the trick to a superb vacation!

Sooner or later, someone had the brilliant idea that nobody would ever buy a timeshare unless they had been lured in with expensive presents. In fact, it works fairly well, because 1 out of 10 really get a timeshare after attending the essential presentation that goes along with the amazing gifts.

Besides the mandatory 2-3 hour hotel preview, during which you’re subjected to a terrific deal of arm-twisting, you generally receive anywhere from 2-5 nights at a hotel. Typically, you do not get to remain at the timeshare, since there’s absolutely no availability there. Often, you’re given theme park tickets or a reduction on such. Occasionally a few free meals are included, and occasionally some 2 for 1 offers, which are generally accessible to everyone, everywhere. Very rarely, you might get some money or gift certificates.

But there’s a better way to enjoy this magnificent vacation and smart travelers are taking advantage of the wonderful discounts that holiday clubs offer. You can now travel anywhere in the world and revel in luxury resorts for a fraction of the cost that you would pay with a timeshare or other travel services. Vacation clubs permit you to get 4 and 5- star resorts, hotels and cruises without a black-out dates! Friendly advisers are at your service that will assist you plan every aspect of your trip, such as airline and limousine services.

You can purchase a lifetime membership in a vacation club, thus getting a much greater value, for roughly the same cost that you would pay for many timeshare vacation packages. When you weigh all of the facts and do the math, holiday clubs are the best travel bargain on the market!