Hard Drive Repair Using Free Software

Contrary to popular belief, if a computer doesn’t boot because of hard disk corruption all data isn’t lost and the hard disk might even be repairable. There are 2 kinds of hard disk damage. One is fixable by you and the other needs a skilled data recovery facility.

Data retrieval can only be carried out by professionals and can cost up to $1,500 (occasionally higher). Physical damage usually is composed of lousy actuator arms, damaged platters or fried control cards.

NPD happens when the operating system’s file system (fat or ntfs) gets corrupted because of an improper shutdown (for instance ). Although this harm is may seem very bad (if it is preventing you from booting your PC), it is easily fixable with some software that is already including in almost any Windows PC and a USB external hard disk enclosure.

Listed below are a list of items that you will need to follow the Hard Drive Repair instructions below:

Learn what type of hard drive you have. There are 2 different types. SATA (little flat connector) and PATA (a.k.a IDE) that has a connector with approximately 30 pins. An external USB hard drive enclosure with a connector for the type of drive you are going to be linking to it (you can catch one of them at BestBuy for about $50 USD).
1. Take the drive from the computer.
2. Connect the hard drive into the connector on the USB enclosure.
3. Connect a USB cable from the enclosure into the computer that is working.
4. An external drive will most likely load on your list of available hard drives. Pay attention to the drive letter for the external hard disk.
5. Now it is time to load a program named CHKDSK (Check Disk).
6. Click Start (if you are on Windows XP) or click on the Windows world (on the left for Vista and Windows 7).
7. On Windows XP click on RUN, then type CMD. On Windows Vista and 7 type CMD in which it says”Search Programs and Documents”.
8. From the command prompt type chkdsk”the drive letter that you wish to test”: /r and press enter. Here is an example chkdsk gram: /s then press the enter key.
9. If this command completes successfully your driveway ought to be fixed enough for you to recover the information from it and you may actually be able to boot from it .

A word of caution. If your drive has any mistakes on it (bad sectors) it has reached the end of its lifetime and must be replaced ASAP. You will have the ability to find this from the report provided to by the chkdsk command at the end of its scan.