7 Ways to Promote Your eBook on Facebook and Build Your Author Platform

Facebook post likes to buy is a strong marketing tool for writers. As soon as you understand how to use Facebook’s attributes to your benefit, you’ll have the ability to construct your presence on Facebook.

Like Twitter, Facebook has developed into more than just a social networking site for posting content that is useless. Professional entrepreneurs and corporations have teams which are solely dedicated to developing their online presence via social networking.

Here Are Seven Ways Facebook Can Assist Authors Promote Their eBook

Make an Author Profile Page
Your author name will become your own brand. Create a profile page on Facebook and discuss your accomplishments and successes with your friends.

When you join a group, you’re allowing other people to take notice of you as well as your profile. If you join the perfect groups that contain your target market then they will also be inclined to test you out if you have something to offer. Become active on the website with informative articles and build your reputation as a professional.

This page is specifically dedicated to your eBook, so stay focused on your goals on this page. It is possible to supply samples chapters, give tips and information, provide links to other valuable tools, tell them about you that the writer and build the profile and after for your eBook.
Advertise for Immediate Engagement!
It will cost you to advertise on Facebook but the yield might just be worthwhile. Consider you options and make your advertisement so that it reaches your perfect customer.

This is a superb way for potential readers to sample your own eBook. If they like what they read then they will purchase your eBook as they are going to wish to know more.
Post Events
Use the events’ tab to list all upcoming events which you’re engaging from people speaking engagements, library visits, signings, to the launch of new movies, audio interviews or eBook statements.

These hints will get you started on Facebook in boosting your eBook and constructing a fanatical following. There are a lot more great tools you can use so make certain to do your research and learn from those authors who already use Facebook for promotion.